Networkbc Group's in Asia

We are acutely aware of how insular being an Ex-pat can be in a city filled with millions of people.

This is why we are forming our new Networking groups in Asia.

We are now taking applications for our Hong Kong and Singapore groups.

Ex-Pats from across the globe live and work in the major cities of Asia, pass each other and other local business professionals daily, without forming any links.

These people can bring to the table a myriad of experiences and ideas and when shared can only enhance business prospects.

Our groups will meet fortnightly to exchange business ideas, grow our mutual awareness and refer business as is appropriate.

We will invite a mix of business professionals with varied backgrounds and experiences to join our exclusive groups.

The maximum in each group will be 20 members, thereby maintaining the power as well as the intimacy.

This is an exciting venture and I look forward to talking with you further re these opportunities.

Typically a group is made up from some of the following categories:- 

Legal: Family Law, Commercial Law, Immigration Law, Barrister, IP Attorney, Patent Attorney& Criminal Law 

Accounting: Insolvency, Commercial & Bookkeeping 

Finance: Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner, Stock Broker, Invoice Factoring & Equipment Finance 

Medical: Chiropractor, Doctor, GP, Physiotherapist & Dentist 

Real Estate: Commercial, Residential, Investment Advice, Property Management Consultants, Developer & Buyers Advocate 

Other: Commercial General Insurance Consultant, R&D Grants Consultant, Security, 

Recruitment, Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing Consultant, Advertising Agency, 

Photographer, IT Consultant, HR Consultant, 

Telecommunications, Business Coach, Life Coach, Psychologist, 

Architect, Builder, Interior Designer, Commercial Travel Consultant etc. 



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